The County of Susquehanna will hold a Public Hearing 5:OO P.M. on Thursday May 28th, 2020.  Keeping with Federal and state guidelines regarding COVID 19, this meeting will take place as a Zoom meeting.

To access the zoom meeting, visit the link:

The meeting ID is 994-4269-4885 and password is 08803.

 The public is invited to observe and participate in the hearing   Please call (570) 278-5401 if special accommodations are required  related to language, sight, or hearing, at least 24 hours in advance of the hearing.   

The purpose of this hearing is two fold.  The first is to obtain citizens views and comments on needs throughout Susquehanna County and how Susquehanna County’s Federal Fiscal Year (FFY) 2020 Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Program Entitlement funds should be used.   The estimated allocation is $261,920.  Activities which may be undertaken with PA CDBG funds are as follows: Water System, Sanitary Sewer System, Storm Sewer System, Housing Rehabilitation, Housing Construction/Reconstruction, Public/Community Facilities, Recreation Facilities, Public Services, Street/Road Improvements, Parking Facilities, Historic Preservation, Removal of Architectural Barriers, Solid Waste Facilities, Code Enforcement, Economic Development, Acquisition/Relocation, Clearance, Disposition, Utilities (Other than Water/Sewer) and other activities.   A minimum of seventy (70%) of all proposed CDBG funds must benefit low and moderate income persons.   Although, no demolition or conversion of occupiable dwelling units is proposed at this time, nor are any activities proposed that could result in displacement, Susquehanna County is responsible for replacing all LMI housing units that may be demolished or converted.  The types and levels of assistance that Susquehanna County would make available to persons displaced by CDBG funded activities, even though no displacement is expected to occur, will be explained at the public hearing.  DCED’s deadline for applications will be October 28, 2020.

In addition, Susquehanna County plans to submit an application to the Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development for  Community Development Block Grant Corona Virus (CDBG-CV) Funds.  Susquehanna County has been allocated an estimated $166,152.  These funds are to be used in the prevention, preparedness, or response to the COVID-19 Pandemic.  Eligible projects must benefit low-moderate income populations, respond to urgent need, or reduce slum/blight. Examples include Economic Development Assistance such as business assistance, mortgage assistance, rental assistance or  public services related to prevention, preparedness, or response to COVID-19. 

All interested persons and agencies are encouraged to attend and  present their views with respect to the proposed activities for these programs or prior use of Susquehanna County CDBG funds.  In addition, the public may comment by emailing Bobbi Jo Turner at or by phone at 570-278-4096 by 3pm on the day of the hearing.